Crafting a Proprietary System with
Don Gilmartin of TraumOne Franchise Systems

Josh Brown

Don Gilmartin is the Co-Founder of TraumOne Franchise Systems. In 2013, Don became an independent restoration contractor and in 2015 added a Crime & Trauma Scene clean-up division. In 2019, Don franchised the trauma division and dropped the restoration division to pursue his passion for TraumOne, a home-based recession proof service-based franchise opportunity for both Marketer or Technician profiles... Continue reading

About TraumOne

TraumOne is the franchise System held, owned and operated by our parent company VELEOS . TraumOne is a “Service Above Self” Trauma Scene Clean-Up Franchise specifically modeled after the First Response industry. Unlike any other clean-up company, TraumOne defies the status quo. TraumOne is an entire brand of individuals taught by experienced individuals on how to care for our clients during difficult times and administer emotional first aid every step of the way. Much like the heart and soul of a first responder, TraumOne franchisees choose our brand because they know public service is an honor and they want to help those in need.

This business has its roots in cleaning property damaged during traumatic events. TraumOne franchises are fully-trained to run and build every aspect of their business as a team. The most important quality of our business model is the aspect of client protection. With true compassion and protection being two primary pillars of the company, TraumOne guards its service clients by never allowing photography at the scene or to be used on any form of social media. The founders have even further put their cause to action starting a non-profit to help families of traumatic events caused by suicide.

As a business model, the entire team has thought of every detail possible to create a full business in a box with everything from call center management, bookkeeping, social media, website creation, marketing, daily management and full 24/7/365 support no matter where you are located. Territories are built and sold based on zip codes, not simply cities, and franchisee’s can be either operations or marketing based or in some cases, both.

At TraumOne, the Operators and Marketers work side by side and help each other with what they each do best; creating an immense support system, unlike any other franchise model around. TraumOne is in a unique position as a new franchisor in that the company has a track record to draw from relationships with clients, non-profits, vendors, suppliers, and municipalities that could be leveraged by franchise partners in new markets.

A typical TraumOne Franchise is a recession-proof home-based business with very low barrier to enter and a very high profit margin with absentee ownership. The employee base is drawn from a very professional industry often building more success just by the very industry hired. Franchisee potentials can be drawn from eight different industries for success: the most successful being first response, funeral, real estate or auto repair fields. Because of the reasonable initial investment required to open a location, the simplicity of the business model and the wide margins for providing this type of service, franchise development holds enormous potential.

TraumOne Franchise Systems is a complete business in a box unlike any other Crime or Trauma Scene Clean-Up company ANYWHERE. Established initially as an independent, the owners built a VERY PROFITABLE RECESSION PROOF business model with an extra service component unlike its competition. This franchise model is a perfect low cost (40k) franchise fee with full training, call center, certification and 24/7/365 support by owners who care about its franchisee team and client base. A TraumOne franchisee does not require a hands-on ownership and does offer multi-unit discounts. This ground floor opportunity allows the first franchisee's not only an equity buy in, but a COMPLETE turn-key business with everything needed to open day one from office to scene. TraumOne is looking to interview all perspective parties for established territories opened in California and all 50 states. TraumOne is a true team spirit company with a business which makes a difference in a rewarding industry. Franchisee's must fit criteria profile and have experience tied to first-response, investigators, fire department personnel of all levels and rank as well as anyone tied to the funeral industry to gain maximum success.

Unlike any and all other mom and pop or franchise Trauma and Crime scene Clean-up companies or franchises, TraumOne has a strong marketing background with a REAL GENUINE COMPASSION FIRST marketing plan backed up by truth and respect. Unlike all other Trauma Care and Clean-up companies or Franchises, we built our business model after the funeral industry model rather than strictly law endorsement or first response model. WE ARE NOT...simply utilitarian or janitorial in nature. The uniqueness is that our franchisees can either be Operators or Marketers and can be a franchisee with either type of capability. Operators run the operations aspect of the business and Marketers are more networking and PR brand builders...we allow both to purchase franchises allowing the strengths of individuals to build the brand together for the entire organization...No one else does this!

Because we care and back up our compassion, WE DO NOT allow our franchisees the freedom to broadcast on Facebook or YouTube or take photos freely to use on social media!!!!!!! This is because we care and protect our service clients and ask our franchisees to do the same with a "Service above Self" mentality, just like actual first responders. We do not sell with fear but rather with care. We are the ONLY Trauma Clean-up who offers certified secondary emotional injury training in the nation and we are proud of it.

This is a ground floor RECESSION PROOF opportunity for any new franchisee to be a part of our brand which has many connections in the insurance industry to launch and expand and set a standard like no one else in the industry. if you have or can identify potential clients who want to be part of what will be an exploding business model, we'd love to interview them and see if they truly have our passion and desire to make a difference while profiting. We built our start up in California and have registration here...most others do not. We have established clients here for franchisees to be handed. ground floor timing is perfect to grab territories no one else has.



Why A TraumOne Franchise?


TraumOne sits in a great position in the franchise market with a strong operating model in place and a strong differentiation from the rest of the competition in the franchise marketplace. TraumOne is a unique and high-performing exception within a lucrative industry.


TraumOne management team will offer unrivaled training and support to each franchisee as they join the TraumOne family. The company’s operating model is simple and has been structured with well-defined processes and reordering systems in place, allowing for ease of replication. Initial training will be held at the headquarters.


TraumOne achieves a very strong return on investment in comparison to the rest of the franchise industry in general. With the implementation of a structured and systematized business model, the growth achieved by TraumOne in several markets across the U.S. has been significant and impressive.


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